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Stop feeling guilt, shame, and obsessing over food and your body
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Step 1: Apply to work with Cristel

Schedule your free 20-minute discovery call so I can learn more about your unique situation and needs.

Step 2: Free consultation call

We will chat about what struggles you’re having, what you’ve tried to do about them so far, how I can be of help, and what type of support is best suited to your needs.

Step 3: Start your journey

Once we’ve decided on your program, we’ll get you all signed up and scheduled for an initial assessment. You’ll only need to complete an initial questionnaire & consent form before our first session. Then, we’ll map out the rest of your sessions during that initial assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The investment for the program varies depending on how many 1-1 calls you need. All my programs are personalized to meet your needs and include unlimited support in 1-1 or group settings. We’ll discuss your needs during our discovery call to determine what’s the best structure for you.  

I offer payment plans for smaller payments over more time than the span of your program. I also offer a sliding scale for BIPOC folks and other people in need. 

My clients share with me that they love the fact that I have lived experience that I share with you. They’ve often said they feel that there’s a lot of support from me and appreciate being able to be open, feel listened to, and not feel judged. You won’t feel like a number… my programs are kept small to honour your needs.

It depends on which program you’re in. For 1-1 programs, it’s 1 hour every 2 weeks, and weekly check-ins. For the group programs, it’s 1.5 hours weekly for the live zooms, and another 30 minutes of listening to recorded videos. The live zooms are also recorded and made available within 48 hours.

For some of my clients who are very busy and overwhelmed in life don’t want any added “homework” outside of our live sessions, and that’s okay. We focus on getting the most value out of our time together. 

It’s never going to be “the best time”. Life is always happening, and working on your relationship with food, body and nourishment is meant to help you feel less overwhelmed!

Counselling package sessions can be used within 3 months from date of purchase, after which they expire.

If you go through the first month of the program, and you don’t feel like this is the right fit for you, I will cancel the remaining payment installments. Since the programs are set-up to provide more value rather than paid per hour, and are not charged per individual session, monies paid are not refundable. 

Intuitive Eating teaches you how to make peace with your food so that your decisions around what to eat become an innate habit, and you no longer question yourself.

Intuitive Eating is not a diet, and it is not meant for weight loss. Every body responds differently to feeding, some may lose weight, some may gain weight, and others may stay the same. The goal is to have freedom of food and eating choices, not a specific weight or body size.

Everybody deserves respect and the opportunity to pursue health. I’m here to support people of all sizes in establishing healthy habits and self-acceptance with a focus on celebrating body diversity.

Some people may grow to love their bodies as is, and others may not. The goal for everyone is to have a peaceful relationship with your body that allows you to embrace it and respect it in all its shapes & sizes.

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Change is hard.

I won’t tell you it won’t be hard— but I can tell you that you won’t be alone. And staying the same is likely going to be more painful and harmful in the long run.

When you’re ready to take a step forward for your future self (and future generations), I’m here to support and guide you.