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Benefits of Volunteering with nutriFoodie

Transferable Skills

Planning, coordination, leadership, communication, conflict resolution, critical thinking, teamwork, nutrition and food education.


Develop and practice leadership skills by leading a small group of children that will be your team throughout the camp. 


Practicing your teaching and educational skills by helping children learn nutrition and food-related concepts.  

Cooking and Eating

All of our camps have a cooking component - you will get an opportunity to learn tips, practice cooking and the best part -

Networking and Mentorship

Learn from a dietitian especially if you're interested in dietetics. You'll be working alongside like-minded, passionate colleagues.

Appreciation and Celebration

Celebrate FOOD and have FUN. In return of appreciating your help, we go out for a celebratory meal with the nutriFoodie team. 

What Volunteers are Saying

"I've worked with Cristel for the past four years starting as a camp leader, camp instructor, social media curator, and now working as her admin and marketing assistant which will soon evolve into camp coordinator. From volunteer to regular nutriFoodie staff, Cristel has provided me with so many diverse opportunities that have greatly impacted my learning and development of unique and key skills that will benefit me throughout my education and into my future career in dietetics. I can't thank her enough!"

Celine (2015-Present)

Learning how to be assertive with campers helped me develop confidence and grew my leadership skills. Making connections and having fun with the campers made the experience so much more rewarding, knowing that I made a positive impact in their summer. Connecting with so many like-minded people and hearing about their experiences, and receiving advice impacted me by developing friendships and relationships.

Kim (2017 & 2018)

"A lot of the daily structure comes down to the instructor and volunteers and how they are able to read their campers. [Critical Thinking] isn't really a component or skill you can teach, but it's probably the most important part.The main priority is to ensure that our campers have positive and meaningful experiences. Navigating an environment where I have to match various personality types with various tasks within a certain time frame is a [good] challenge, but the only way to learn is to by trying, adjusting and re-adjusting."

Nisha (2016 & 2017)

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Cristel Moubarak, RD

nutriFoodie is owned, operated and driven by Vancouver Registered Dietitian, Cristel Moubarak, operating in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

With her love of all things flavourful, and her passion for people, Cristel is fighting for children and families to be food happy, nutritionally fulfilled and body positive.


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