Let me drop a shocking truth about us humans...


If you’re ready to give up yo-yo dieting, “emotional eating” and bingeing, and find your peace, freedom and comfort with your food, eating habits & body size, you’re in the right place!


Cristel, at nutriFoodie, is a weight-inclusive dietitian and here to help you find that happy and healthy balance.

Struggles & Challenges

I’ve heard it all

But you don’t have to stay here…

Everyone has the right to pursue health, if they choose to, regardless of their body’s shape or size… and guess what…

Being healthy is a set of behaviours that come together for your own good.

What it’s NOT… is a set of expectations of a token number on the scale, or calories in a food item.

Book an appointment with me today and begin your journey of rebuilding a happy and healthy relationship with food and your body.


I already fell off the wagon...Diet starts on Monday...

That wagon has no place in your life. You’ve got higher standards than that… you, my friend, deserve much more than a wagon to confine you.

I can't eat this... I heard it's bad for you

There’s a statement to demonize almost every food out there… from dairy, to gluten, to regular water, to non-organic vegetables.

But won't that make me fat?

When did “fat” become the WORST thing you could have in this life? Seriously asking.

I was so bad yesterday… I FEEL SO GUILTY…

Chocolate cake, burgers, icecream, chips, pizza, beer, fries, gummy bears (my fave!)… and any other food you can think can have a space in your diet if you want it and enjoy it… intrigued?

I don't trust myself with this...

Whatever food that is that has held you back from experiencing a peaceful and joyful connection with your meals, and with eating them… well… that needs to just excuse itself. Don’t you think it’s TIME you TRUST YOURSELF? I think it is.

Benefits of nutrifoodie’s process

– No more weight loss diets

or unsustainable diet plans –

Find your own “diet”,

one that you don’t know you’re on!

intuitive eating ®

Start with breaking up with diet culture (which is all the destructive thoughts and feelings you’ve been exposed to that brought you insecurity about your diet & looks… yes that one… you know it),

Then learn how to make peace with your food so that your decisions around what to eat become effortless, and no more questioning yourself! 

Of course this doesn’t mean nutrition is out of the picture – it’s just not the only thing we’ll work on.

Health at Every size ®

The biggest confusion with this movement is that often people think that it says “health at ANY size”. It’s not that every body is healthy no matter what the size… it’s that every body DESERVES RESPECT and the opportunity to pursue health if we choose to… 

So if you do choose to pursue health, however that looks like for you… I’m here to join on your journey. 

Joyful Cooking

When you’re ready to dive in to get hands on with your food and get cooking, we explore the textures, flavours, joy, and pleasure of food that you may have lost touch with.

We tackle each food that was “off-limits”, dive deeper into finding out what you truly love and enjoy. 

We would go for a grocery tour and/or do a cooking demo…I’ll share recipes, products, & complementary services to support your growth back into your own.

From Our Founder:

Are you ready?!

I believe that being a weight-inclusive dietitian means being a human-to-human dietitian, where our relationship (with one another, community, food, and body) rises above number counting and idealistic (and unrealistic) expectations around food, eating and body image or size. We all deserve to respect this body we’re in, and we all have the right to eat and enjoy food, too.

So if you’re ready to jump in and start healing, and start seeking and honoring your inner joy, let’s chat! Book your 15-min discovery call (no strings attached) to see if we’re a good fit for one another

With love, Cristel



Coaching Programs For Every Need

I only offer programs because I want you to WIN. I want you to make headway in unlearning the diet culture talk, and relearning your own intuitive skills, make peace with food, eat with joy, and move your body in this world with comfort & confidence.

The programs are structured accordingly: 

1. Full nutrition and needs assessment: It’s usually one hour over a video conference. We’ll explore where you’re at, your medical and health status (if applicable), and set goals to kick off your journey.

2. Set-up follow-up sessions: 45-60 minutes of a video conference. We’ll follow-up on your goals, adjust and adapt, set new goals & our next appointment.

For program specific information, and additional options, click below.  

If you got this far on this page… Thank you! It takes a while writing these things 😉 

Want to Learn More About Each Program? 

Food & Body Coaching

Find freedom with your eating & body image! 

Following the concepts and principles of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size, relearn your innate eating cues and discover what health at YOUR size looks like. I’ll help you understand your current relationship with food & your body while breaking down any barriers you had put up in the past.

Together, we can create a vision for what a healthy relationship with food  and a peaceful and accepting relationship with your body would look like and how you can implement that into your life. If and when needed and necessary, we can explore food-focused coaching and gentle nutrition counseling.

Have questions on payments and refunds? Check out the FAQs and Payment Policies.  

Nutrition & Food Coaching


Develop Food Shopping & Cooking Skills with customized nutrition advice.  

Learn, understand and implement basic nutrition education, such as food groups, and quantity and quality, into your lifestyle. I’ll explain and support you through meal restructuring and eating from meal planning to meal timing.

I’ll be there guide you through food shopping and choices, including an in-person grocery tour. I will also support you through food coaching such as meal prep with budget and time constraints.

Have questions on payments and refunds? Check out the FAQs and Payment Policies.  

Cristel Moubarak, RD

nutriFoodie is owned, operated and driven by Vancouver Registered Dietitian, Cristel Moubarak, operating in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

With her love of all things flavourful, and her passion for people, Cristel is fighting for children and families to be food happy, nutritionally fulfilled and body positive.


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