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Cristel, at nutriFoodie, is a weight-inclusive dietitian and here to help you find that happy and healthy balance with an intuitive eating approach.

Did you know that dietitian services may be covered by your extended health plan?


Ask your insurance provider to find out and make the most out of it!

Nutrition Counselling

This nutrition counselling and coaching is not temporary, magical or quick. No fast weight loss diets or unsustainable diet plans. 

Find your peace, freedom and comfort with your food, eating habits & body size with Cristel’s experience and approach with intuitive eating, health at every size, and joyful cooking.

Cristel is a weight-inclusive and food-loving dietitian here to help you find that food & body freedom you’ve always wished for.

Corporate Wellness

When it comes to having workplace wellness programs, you want it to have a real impact. Something that is valuable, and memorable. 

Lunch & learns are tailored to suit the needs of your team.

Cooking demos include a presentation where everyone gets a taste.

Group cooking classes for team-building are interactive and hands on, to get your team cooking on with a competitive edge, and savouring the meal together.

Food Business Consultation

With a dynamic due of a chef and a dietitian, you got yourself covered to set your food venture on the right track. 

Together we provide custom consulting packages on recipe & menu development, nutrient analysis, operations systems set-up and organization, staff training, and much more. 

We’ve got the experience  that you need to invest in, start on the right foot and avoid making expensive mistakes. 

Cristel Moubarak, RD

nutriFoodie is owned, operated and driven by Vancouver Registered Dietitian, Cristel Moubarak, operating in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

With her love of all things flavourful, and her passion for people, Cristel is fighting for children and families to be food happy, nutritionally fulfilled and body positive.


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