Meal Planning & Prep Guide



Step Process

Sounds Familiar?

Have you ever opened your fridge, freezer, and pantry, hoping for something to be suddenly available and ready for dinner?

Have you felt stuck or fatigued thinking about WHAT to make?

Do you wish it was just easier when meal preparing for the whole week is too taxing?

This is what my clients have told me over and over, and I then put together everything I do for meal planning in one guide.

This guide is for you to learn the basics & guidelines around food storage, preparation, cooking, AND templates for the 5-step meal planning guideline!  

Meal Balance & Planning

Before you *plan* you need to know the *goal*… You’ll learn the basics of meal balance & variety so that you can take it and customize it in the provided Meal Plan Template to meet your needs & preferences.

Pantry & Freezer Stock-up

You’ll get plenty of balanced meal ideas & an example of a meal plan following my 5-step Meal Planning process. You’ll be able to set-up your pantry & freezer strategically to make your planning and preparation faster & more efficient. 

Recipe & Cooking Guidelines

Learn base recipes & guidelines for 30+ staples including sauces, dressings, dips, snacks, entrees & desserts. This will help you customize it to include your ingredients of choice, flavours & cooking methods. 

Storage & Food Safety

Learn how to store & cook fruits, vegetables, starches, animal & plant-based proteins safely & to extend their shelf-life. You’ll see Tips integrated in the whole guide: Nutrition, Food Safety & Pro Tips to take your meal planning to the next level.

Flavour Building

Get tips & tricks on imparting, infusing & building flavour in your cooking, so that your food is nutritious AND more delicious. Practice creative & intuitive cooking (i.e. cooking without a recipe) while referencing the Flavour Star guide for balancing the sweet, salty, spicy and acidic flavours.  

Reduce Food Waste 

Learn how you can strategically use your freezer & plan your meals to upcycle leftovers. Make your meals more budget-friendly by reducing your waste, while also making your meal planning and prep faster & more efficient. 

What others are saying…

“Thank you so much for sharing this – I really needed to get organized in HOW I think of my meals…. so much easier now! I really appreciate that there’s so many options to suit my needs as a vegan & tips to substitute.”

“We finally dug into the freezer and toss the mystery foods & reorganize it based on our meal plan – this is making it simpler for us to know what to eat & put meals together quickly. Thank you for your help!”

“I LOVE the Pro Tips throughout – it’s a great way to help us home cooks elevate our meals and are super applicable. Very  aesthetically pleasing and easy to read.”

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