My Dress Story

Do you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, food guilt or body shame?

I’m here to help you find your own dress moment

Back when I was graduating from high school, I bought a dress that was a whole size too small. I did everything in my power to fit into that dress. I pushed myself to the limits by minimizing my food, negotiating with myself, overexercising, and a bunch of other harmful behaviours. 

Eventually, I fit into that dress, but I was still not happy. And now, when I look back at the photos, I only remember how badly I felt in that dress– not my graduation, the people there, or any of the fun times I was living through.

Because I had been on a weight-loss diet, I gained all the weight back. I spent years struggling, until I eventually just GAVE UP dieting for good. I decided I was going to pursue healthy behaviours, not a number on a scale. I went to my own dietitian and counsellor that helped me heal my relationship with my food & body.

10 years later after my graduation, I was getting married. I remember being told that I’d need to lose weight now to fit into the dress. But this time, I told myself, “I’m not fitting into the dress.. the dress is going to fit me!” And that’s exactly what happened. I found a dress that fit me and made me feel confident. To this day, I LOVE the memories from my wedding. 

If you’re ready to have your own dress moment, then Food Freedom, Body Peace is perfect for you!

This program IS for women who
Vancouver weight loss journey

Are ready to find peace, freedom and comfort with their food, eating habits & body image.

Cristen, Weight Inclusive Registered Dietitian

Want to give up yo-yo dieting and weight cycling.

Vancouver Nutritionist

Want to stop counting numbers and having obsessive thoughts around food & body size or shape.

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Are ready to unlearn harmful beliefs & learn becoming intuitive in their body to find sustainable health, comfort, confidence & peace.

This program ISN'T for women who

Are looking for a specific preset meal plan or weight loss program.

Are not open to making positive, lasting changes.

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Are not willing to reflect on their past experiences.

Are not ready to be open-minded and change their mindset about health.