nutriFoodie’s Dissatisfaction with Services Policy

Dissatisfaction with Services Policy


In the chance there is a dissatisfaction, misunderstanding or frustration with the services provided by nutriFoodie, we have the full intention to be responsive to the partners and clients’ concerns. If they feel confronted with an issue with nutriFoodie, they may use the procedure detailed below to resolve and clarify the concerns they have. 

The purpose of this policy is to provide a clear, consistent and effective guideline to present and address the concerns with nutriFoodie with the intention of resolution.  


Attempt to Resolve 

  1.  As a first step, the partner or client is to approach nutriFoodie via email or a scheduled phone or video call meeting to discuss their concerns.
  2. During the meeting, the parties will discuss the presenting conflict and options to resolve the situation that align with both parties’ needs.
  3. A nutriFoodie representative shall respond in writing to email within five business days of the meeting held detailing the plan as discussed. 
  4. Ongoing communication may take place in order to practice clear communication and accountability. 
Dissatisfaction with Resolution
  1.  If the partner or client is still dissatisfied with the outcome and plans to move forward, either party reserves the right to terminate the working relationship in accordance with the signed agreement or contract at the commencement of work. 

Additional Guidance

Because problems are best resolved on an individual basis, the conflict resolution procedure may be initiated only by the individual who has signed the agreement letter or contract with nutriFoodie. All complaints must be made in good faith. 

nutriFoodie reserves the right to impose appropriate legal action for any conduct it considers to be disruptive or inappropriate. The circumstances of each situation may differ, and the level of disciplinary action may also vary, depending on factors such as nature of the offence, whether it is repeated, the partner or clients’ actions and the impact of the conduct on the organization.