Take the Fight Out of Food: Nutrition Month

Okay, let’s be honest. I don’t know a SINGLE PERSON who hasn’t had struggles of some sort with food in one shape or form. 

  • If you’ve ever experienced opening and closing the fridge multiple times hoping that a random food item will suddenly appear and satisfy your cravings – you’ve had a food fight.   
  • If you’ve ever experienced bloating, gas, or bowel changes after eating certain foods – you’ve had a food fight.
  • If you’ve tried to eat your feelings of any kind – you’ve had a food fight.
  • If you’ve ever read an article about nutrition and food and thought that it must be accurate because of all the confusing technical terms – you’ve had a food fight.
  • If you’ve ever kept thinking about or actually eating various foods in the certainty of satisfying a salty, sweet or fatty craving – you’ve had a food fight.

All of these “Food Fights” are a constant mental struggle with yourself, foods, and “right” choices. As a culinary dietitian, I encourage you to put the entire struggle down and take an easier road to health. For this very reason, the 2017 Nutrition Month is dedicated to the theme “Take the Fight out of Food”!

First, What’s “Nutrition Month”?

Nutrition Month is an annual month-long event held in March. It has been planned and executed by Dietitians of Canada for over 30 years now. During this month, we usually have a theme that we focus on. Moreover, we provide information, educational resources, and recipes to be part of the “solution.”

What the “solution” is a very broad term; I mean, have we ever completely resolved our nutrition battles? This field is ever-growing and provides a perfect platform for lifelong learning.

So what will you learn?

Through this blog series, I will post weekly during this Nutrition Month. Here, I’ll take you through 3 steps you can use in any food fight you may face!

  • The first step is to identify the problem and point it out! Why is it a concern and what is it that bothers you?
  • The second step is to gather some facts. Do not rely on just any information or pop article on the net. Dietitians are the best source of scientific and research-based nutrition information.
  • The third step is to get support and help from a dietitian or a health care member who are trained and competent in this area. Family members or friends can also definitely play a role in providing support or help so that you can accomplish winning “the food fights”.

This theme of facing our food fights is the story of my business (and my life). I’m so excited that I’ll be getting to focus on sharing tips and resources to help with this journey.

Tell me, Do YOU have any Food Fights?

I want to know, do you also have any food fights that you’d like to work on? Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to cope with but lead yourself to believe that “it’s not a big deal”?

I’m definitely up for a chat and happy to help you talk through it. Whether our conversation leads to us working together or not, I’m here to help you figure out your next steps (with me, without me, with another professional, with other resources… whatever it takes to help you face your food fights!)

If you’re up for it, schedule a free call with me to get going on this – because we all know, the #StruggleIsReal.

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