Stuffed California Prunes with Spiced Ricotta

Stuffed California Prunes with Spiced Ricotta
Stuffed California Prunes with Spiced Ricotta

Stuffed California Prunes with Spiced Ricotta

Whether you are a big planner, resolution-maker, or just like to keep it simple, putting a few health goals in place is pretty common every a sweetener in smoothies instead of dates or artificial sweetenersin fruit cakes or muffins instead of other dried fruitsas a snack in trail mixes or with spiced ricotta (see recipe below)a topping for salads and blend in the salad dressing for a thicker texture and a sweetenerin entrees such as duck with balsamic or pomegranate syrup and a bed of arugula
One of the main things I see in those health plans is that they are always focused on immediate gain, and less so for long-term health.
Bone health is one that gets put on the back burner until we start having achy hips… but did you know that we start losing bone mass after 30 years? Investing time and energy into exercising as well as eating foods that are supportive of bone health is your best bet.
Prunes are a great natural source of potassium. Recent research shows that eating just 5-6 California prunes a day supports bone health. Naturally sweet and high in dietary fibre, prunes support heart and digestive health, and because they have a low glycemic index, help to manage blood sugar levels.
Being a portable, nutritious snack, California prunes add rich flavour and texture to a variety of foods such as smoothies, salads, baked goods and entrees. This is probably my favourite aspect of all since they can be integrated so easily in our regular diet and be used:
Course Dessert, Snack
Servings 20 stuffed prunes



  • 1. Mix the ricotta with all the spices; add honey to taste (if you like it sweeter)
  • 2. Transfer the ricotta mix to a piping bag or a ziplock bag; push the mix to the front of the bag, and twist on the top to allow for easy (mess-free) piping. Set aside.
  • 3. Place all the prunes on a platter and make a dent to make space for the filling – follow the natural curve of the pitted prune.
  • 4. Pipe about a teaspoonful in every prune.
  • 5. Top with an almond.
  • 6. Serve and enjoy!
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