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It seems that these days, the most popular accounts to follow are of fitness models and influencers who are considered thin, beautiful, and youthful by societal standards. Whether these models are sponsored by detox tea companies, weight loss supplements, bathing suit lines; they usually are sending the message that weight loss and slenderness are the ideal.

This message of what a “healthy” individual should “look” like is problematic on many levels. It affects how we view ourselves, how we treat one another, misinformes the core definition of health, and can cause people to think that their health or worth is defined by their body size or weight (spoiler alert: it isn’t!).

Being mindful of who you are following on social media is so important for mental and physical health. When you look up to the right people on your journey to self-love, you’ll realize that you are not alone in this battle, and you’ll feel a sense of community. So, take this opportunity to clear out your social media of unwanted and toxic images or messages and replace them with accounts that make you feel good about yourself.

Keep reading to learn about the different fabulous poodcasts and Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration on Eating Disorder Recovery, Anti-Diet, Body Positivity, and Non-Diet recipe ideas.

Eating Disorder Recovery Accounts



The National Eating Disorder Information Centre posts lovely reminders that encourage mental wellness, health at every size, and self-love.



Follow The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) for ED recovery and body inclusive inspiration.


Registered Dietitian Emily Murray talks disordered eating/eating disordered recovery, mental health, body image & anti-diet.


Jennifer Rollin, MSW, LCSW-C, is an Eating Disorder Therapist who shares information, inspirational quotes and infographics about eating disorder recovery.


Anna Sweeney is a Certified Eating Disorder RD & Supervisor and Intuitive Eating Counselor who shares posts to help heal your relationship with food and your body.

Anti-diet Accounts


And of course, follow me 😉 For #bodyclapbacks, recipe inspo, and all things non-diet!


Suzanne Dietrich, a non-diet dietitian, shares intuitive eating and body neutrality messages.



Fiona Sutherland is a Non-Diet and Weight Inclusive Dietitian. Follow her page for words of support and encouragement.



Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Molly Bahr, shares posts that promote intuitive eating, anti-diet culture, and self-kindness.

Kirsten Ackerman


Kirsten Ackerman stands for anti-diet culture, has her own podcast “Intuitive Bites” and is currently writing a book.

Anna Sweeney


Anna Sweeney is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian specializing in Health At Every Size ® , and Diet Culture recovery.

food peace dietitian


Julie Duffy Dillon; Love Food Podcast Host, Fat Positive Registered Dietitian, Eating Disorder Specialist + Supervisor


Bonnie Roney, RD encourages Intuitive eating and Food freedom on her creative, bright page.


Laura is a non-diet dietitan and shares messages on intuitive eating, HAES and ED recovery.



Vincci is an anti-diet dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor. Follow her for messages on HAES, body acceptance, and intuitive eating.


This platform run by Hilary Kinavey, LPC and Dana Sturtevant, RD, facilitates transformational work grounded on weight inclusivity and body positivity.


Diets Don’t Work is run by Debbie, who is an anorexia survivor. She advocates for HAES and intuitive eating. 

Body Positivity Accounts


Megan shares a loud message of body positivity, feminism, and social justice. Follow for body inclusive fashion, empowerment, and all the other words you need to hear.

meg boggs


An advocate for body inclusivity, body positivity, Meg shares her workout videos and beautiful reminders.



Bri is a body image coach and shares messages on making peace with your body.


A page celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes – as it should be!



Sarah shares powerful messages on body positivity, self-worth and self-love.


Brittney Woodward, RDN, CD, shares posts to inspire moms to feel confident in their bodies and find food freedom.


The Body Love Society shares body positivity posts to help you stop dieting and start eating with ease.


Stephanie Chinn is an artist who shares her body positivity and self love art to empower individuals. 


Nicola Salmon is a fat-positive fertility coach who shares body positivity and fat-positive fertility content.


Christina James shares content to help fat individuals combat weight stigma so they can experience the joys that come along with pregnancy. 


Autonomy Personal Training offers Body Positive Personal Training in Vancouver. 


Dianne Bondy is a featured teacher on Yoga International who shares content that encourages body positivity and joyful movement. 

Non-diet Recipe Inspo Accounts

Jessica Roocroft


Jessica Roocroft, a fellow Vancouver dietitian shares a variety of delicious, nourishing recipes.



Dana King, a weight inclusive RD, shares a great balance of recipe ideas and anti-diet quotes.


Follow Linday for quick & easy, scrumptious recipes – without restrictions!

Abbey Sharp


Dietitian, Abbey Sharp, shares delicous healthy recipes.



Desiree is a dietitian that focuses on gut health and plant-based recipes.

And if you like to listen to podcasts…

Let Us Eat Cake

Co-hosts and Registered Dietitians, Ali Eberhardt and Hannah Robinson, are dedicated to ditching diet culture, taking weight stigma and fatphobia head on, and cutting the bullsh*t out of “health & wellness”.

Food Psych

Food Psych

Christy Harrison, Registered Dietitian, discusses intuitive eating, body image, eating disorder recovery, and Health at Every Size in her podcast, Food Psych®

The F*ck It Diet ®

Caroline used to be obsessed with dieting – and now she’s obsessed with teaching people why dieting doesn’t work.

Love, Food Podcast

Love, Food

Food behavior expert and host, Julie Duffy Dillon is rolling up her sleeves to get to the bottom of what is really healthy. This dietitian has a secret: food is not your enemy and your body is tired of the constant attacks.

Body Kindness ® Podcast

Body Kindness ®

HAES Dietitian and Certified Exercise Physiologist Rebecca Scritchfield and her guests have interesting conversations about the cultural influences that keep you stuck in “diet prison” and how you can break free to create meaningful changes in your life.

Blog Contributors

This blog was written with the help of UBC nutrition student, Jennifer Chernoff and UBC dietetics student, Celine Koppenaal.

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