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My blog is full of nutrition, intuitive eating, & health at every size talk, as well as food tips, tricks and tidbits. You’ll also find a lot of recipes, motivational posts, and a glimpse into my programming and services.

Gluten Free Spice Cake

It can be a challenge baking for my mom; she has multiple food restrictions and intolerances. Determined to come up with a recipe that would be satisfying, delicious and accommodate her needs, my dear friend and colleague, Chef Bakhos Mjalleh came up with this gluten...

Food Fads? Nuh-Unh! No, Thanks: Nutrition Month

If there's ONE thing I KNOW about nutrition, it's the fact that it's overwhelmingly everywhere, shared by SO many different people (professionals or not), and it's ever-changing. What has worked for one person, may or may not work for another. What is true and...

Low Fat Crustless Cheesecake Heart Bites

This month is all about LOVE! And yes, I am talking about that very special someone in your life – YOU! Lately, in Vancouver, it’s been a bit gloomy, cold and wet. So, what better way to perk yourself up with positivity than to celebrate yourself! Spoil yourself with...

Chef’s Plate Review: A Meal Kit

Do you hate grocery stores? Or the process of shopping and trying to find what you need in a huge store? How about getting sidetracked and spending a whole lot more money than you need to? Or standing in long lineups to pay and end up just LEAVING? Or finding parking...

Be Present: Everyday Resolutions Tip #4

In the last tip, I talked about the importance of becoming a positive role model for yourself and for your child. Children are eager to learn social skills and look to parents as their first teachers and role models. Practice self-love so that your children do the...

Plan Ahead: Everyday Resolutions Tip #1

Ah yes, the Holiday Grace Period... that's what I like to call the "carte blanche" of overeating! Then our calendar quickly reminds us that the New Year is here and that this grace period has come to end. Now we must brace ourselves for having to deal with the...

Healthy Eating on a Budget: Workshop Recap

  I had such a blast presenting my workshop on "Healthy Eating on a Budget" a couple months ago. Here is a little about the audience and the inspiration behind this workshop: Mostly older adults (50+) Great interest in healthy eating as well as organic and...

3 Time-Saving Cooking Tips for Busy People

    At nutriFoodie, we know that life can sometimes get a little (did I say a little? OK, maybe a lot) crazy. Finding time to cook can seem impossible at times especially when you or your family are trying to eat healthy and nutritious meals. Hear us out......



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    I love creating and recreating recipes to make them healthier, flavourful, colourful and memorable! I speak from an Intuitive Eating & Health at Every Size point of view. Follow me and my journey on this blog by subscribing to the feed below. See you soon!



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nutriFoodie is owned, operated and driven by Vancouver Registered Dietitian, Cristel Moubarak, operating in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

With her love of all things flavourful, and her passion for people, Cristel is fighting for children and families to be food happy, nutritionally fulfilled and body positive.


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