Nutrition Month: What Role Does Food Hold in Your Life?

We all have a story to share – and specifically, we all have a version of our food and body story.

I hear so many things in common like: “I eat when I’m sad or bored”, or “I don’t judge others, but there’s NO WAY I could be that fat” or “I love food and can never trust myself to have any control around my fave treats”.

I, first hand, was stuck in that struggle for years. Starting from about 11 years old, I had always been in a larger than average body, which led to a great deal of being bullied and then developing a messy relationship with food and my body. I used to experience so much anxiety and shame that I used to have to eat in secret and whenever no one was around. That scarcity mentality took away from fueling my body and improving my health, and instead was fueling very disordered eating habits. Upon further understanding the depths of my food story, I gained a world of freedom, strength and joy that I now get to share with my clients.

Food is not meant to be a form of torture or cause of anxiety – it’s supposed to bring us joy, nourishment and energy!

That said, until we create a positive and healthy relationship with our food and our bodies, we will always look at food with a skeptical eye 😉March is our national Nutrition Month, and this year we are Unlocking the Potential of FoodFollow through using the #nutritionmonth hashtag on our Facebook & Instagram to learn about:

The Potential to:

  • Fuel
  • Discover
  • Prevent
  • Heal
  • Bring Us Together

Below you’ll find more information on how the most direct connection to food is under the scope.

The Basics: Potential to Fuel

Think about this, do you:

  • Eat when you’re hungry or often feel starving by your next meal?
  • Reduce the size of your breakfast and lunch, only to binge at night?
  • Know when you are full or often get too full that you need a nap?
  • Often feel like you’re HANGRY to the point where you eat faster than the food took to plate and get stuffed?

If any of this seems familiar, then you might not be fueling your body sufficiently during the day. Yes, you heard that right.

You don’t need to be eating LESS, but more so eating REGULARLY that you don’t get too hungry.

The magic formula is to combine 2 food groups to help sustain you and keep it simple. Here are some snack ideas to integrate into your day whenever you start feeling hungry, to avoid getting hangry!

  • Carrots and peppers with hummus
  • Almond butter on banana slices
  • Greek yogurt topped with berries  
  • Whole grain toast with peanut butter
  • Cheddar cheese and apple slices
  • A small handful of trail mix made with nuts, seeds and raisins*
  • Roasted chickpeas and popcorn mix*
  • Sliced vegetables with yogurt dip
  • Tuna on crackers
  • Whole grain toast with avocado and sesame seeds

* you could pack these in your purse or office drawer for a quick snack when needed.

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