Nurture Lasting Relationships: Everyday Resolutions Tip #2

Relationship Everyday Resolutions Tip

In the first tip, I talked about planning ahead while getting your partner and children involved AND making it fun! In this blog series, I have prepared some of my favourite ‘survival tips’ for you and your family to have a happy, healthy New Year and make lasting changes.

Now, let’s talk about one of my core values: relationship building.

Why are social connections and interpersonal relationships so important? Relationships foster human cooperation, build emotion and help steer people away from feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Think about the last time you got into an argument with your spouse or had to discipline your child or a family member didn’t return your call or you got extremely upsetting news and called a friend. Now consider how strong the bond is between you two. When we take time to nurture relationships, we strengthen our social bonds and develop support networks, which are imperative in times of crisis as well as to help with conflict resolution and reduce overall stress.

Maybe you haven’t had time lately to connect with people that are important to you in your life – that’s why I am here to help with Tip #2.

Tip #2: Nurture Lasting Relationships

  • Make this the year of reconnecting with your partner, kids, extended family, old friends – whatever! Forgive people, show gratitude to the relationships you have and strengthen them.
  • Building strong relationships help to teach children about themselves through their interactions as well as to teach skills like empathy, patience and understanding of others. Children remember memories and experiences later in life more so than the physical gifts they receive such as toys.
  • How to do it: Build your schedule around priorities to reconnect with family and friends. Try to avoid small talk and aim for purposeful conversations where the goal is to learn from each other. Plan ‘walk and talks’ – not only will you get your exercise in but you can build relationships at the same time or plan play-dates with other parents and take the kids to the park to have a picnic where you may learn about each other in a comfortable setting.

In the next tip…I will discuss the importance of being a role model to your children and the general population through positive behaviour. Stay tuned for next week!

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