How to choose a Dietitian Nutritionist to Meet Your Needs

Are you confused about nutrition information? Do you want to make peace with your food? Are you looking to improve your health? A dietitian can help and support you in working towards your goals. Now, the next step is to choose a dietitian nutritionist to meet your needs.

If you’re unsure of the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist, read my blog post. 

How to Choose a Dietitian Nutritionist to Meet Your Needs

Individualized Coaching

  • How do you like to be provided information or counseled? 
  • Do you prefer to be told what to do or to be coached to find your internal motivation to change?
  • Do you prefer to be given the answers or to do self-discovery and find the answers within? Or BOTH?

For example, I work with clients to identify key areas of focus based on my assessment and professional judgment, provide motivational guidance in goal setting, and accountability with scheduled follow-ups.

I don’t provide a one-direction type counselling where I would just share information and provide handouts that you need to figure out on your own… it’s more based on behavioural change practices, as developing and changing habits & perceptions are at the center of improving our overall health.

Information is everywhere… but the skill and experience is what you’re paying for. Look for someone with a unique talent in connecting with you and your family, and meeting your needs where you’re at in order to walk you towards where you want to be. 

Planning & Strategizing

  • Do you prefer to be given a set plan? Or do you prefer to get a customized plan for where you’re at? 
  • Do you prefer set rules? Or do you prefer to be flexible and learn skills to deal with changes that come up?

In my practice, I help you find that sweet spot between meeting your nutritional needs, while also enjoying your meals and finding pleasure in that experience. 

For meal planning and meal prep, my approach is more focused on what to stock up in your pantry & freezer, as well as create a list of meals that are easy & speedy to prepare that are also balanced & satisfying. Often, having plans on how to use leftovers to save time, and reduce waste, also comes into play. If you want a mini guide to get started on your own, you can purchase & download your Meal Planning Basics guide, here.  

On the other hand, one might find that they prefer to be given a set meal plan and want to follow that. Although that’s not something I do, there are incredible dietitians that do offer that service. 

Create Peace & Joy with Your Food

  • Do you find peace by following a set rigid diet or following your internal cues?
  • Are you tired of trying to decide what to eat?
  • Do you want to feel more free with what you eat and when to eat it? 

If you often find yourself confused with what to eat, losing your excitement for food, struggling with your thoughts on whether you “should” or “shouldn’t” eat something… or if you enjoy food but don’t have the skills to plan, shop or prepare it,I’ll help you with sorting through all your thoughts and beliefs around food – the limiting ones too. We’ll address, rework and reconfigure them to end up with something that frees you from all the stress of eating and brings you joy, peace & satisfaction. 

Embrace & Respect Your Body

  • Do you feel frustrated with your body shape or size?
  • Have you spent your whole life trying to “fix” it?
  • Do you blame yourself for your weight or size?

If you look at photos of others and feel bad about yourself, or if you look at older pictures and think “I can’t believe I thought I was fat then… I wish I was still that size”, or if you avoid taking photos all together, or going to events, or going shopping, or going to the beach/pool… I’m here for youMy personal experience makes me a lot more compassionate, and my professional experience makes me a lot more competent in helping others deal with it too.

Know the struggles you’re going through are not your fault. In working together, I’ll help you see that and realize that your body is bigger and better than its silhouette, shape or size. You may (or may not) get to a point where you love your body … but what we’ll work on, is to respect it first, and embrace it second. You’ll feel at home in your body… and oh how comforting that will be.

This doesn’t equate to weight loss or weight management – and you should know that any promises of a targeted amount of weight loss is never true. Every body is so different and diverse… all that your body has gone through, ups and downs, and its genetic make up will contribute to how your body responds to food & exercise. Even if we all did the exact same diet plan and exact same exercise routine, we will STILL have different body sizes & weight. Now if you feel like this is the only thing you need to work on, I likely can’t help you because in my nutrition practice I don’t track or use weight as a measurement of health or progress.  I do know you’ll find another dietitian that can work with you on realistic weight management. 

Hands-on Skill Development

  • Do you need help with HOW to do your shopping or cooking rather than just knowing WHAT to do? 
  • Do you want one-on-one hands-on support and guidance?

I offer private & custom grocery tours at your local shop to help you find products that will make meal planning easier and faster. I also help you understand how to decipher nutrition facts labels & nutrition messaging. I do private cooking classes, that could include the kids in your family as well, where we focus on 3-5 skills that will lift you up and get you excited about making meals together. We discuss what cuisines and ingredients you’d like to learn, and you’ll also get the recipe(s) used.

If you want group grocery tours, you’ll find that offered at some grocery stores such as Choices, Save On Foods, and Independent Grocers by Loblaws. If you’re only looking for a cooking class without the nutrition coaching component, True Nosh holds regular sugar-free cooking classes in Vancouver. 

What to Expect During Our Sessions

Work With Me

If you do choose to explore working with me, we would first book a 15-minute Inquiry Call where I learn more about you, what you’re looking for, and what you’ve done so far in tackling those goals. If we’re a good fit, I would then share with you what packages I offer and what I recommend to best suit your needs. 

Find out more about my services, here. If you’re unsure what Intuitive Eating ® & Health at Every Size ® mean or imply, I’ve linked some blogs that would give you more insight. 

It’s About You

 My approach is YOU-focused. It’s not about me, my knowledge, or experience… the bottom line is about you, what your skills, needs, and barriers are. We make it work for you at your current stage of life and lifestyle. 

Assessment & Follow-Ups

Our first session would be a 60-75 minute full assessment that covers your medical history, food intake/preferences, daily habits/lifestyle, etc… I spend a good amount of time getting to know you so that I can make sure my coaching, guidance, and support is fully aligned to your goals. 

I would then help you set health goals that meet your needs, and use measurable outcomes like meal frequency, balance & satiety, joy in eating, as well as improved energy levels, sleep quality, stress levels, and movement.   

An important part of my job is to guide you to set yourself up for success by setting goals that are achievable, realistic, and that will make a big difference for you.

In each of our 45-60 minute follow-up sessions, we review the previous goals, how it went, what needs to be adjusted/changed and/or be removed off the list! There’s no wrong progress – every experience informs our coaching plan further, and we will continue to adapt your plan with every session. We always set new goals too to keep it exciting, and to keep you motivated in moving onwards and upwards.  

Ready To Get Started?

If you want to find peace & freedom with your food and body, let’s chat. You can book your free call to find out if we’re a good fit and what packages I have for you.

To find other dietitians in BC, check out this directory to search by category and location.

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