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My blog is full of nutrition, intuitive eating, & health at every size talk, as well as food tips, tricks and tidbits. You’ll also find a lot of recipes, motivational posts, and a glimpse into my programming and services as a registered dietitian.

Vancouver Nutritionist

Cristel Moubarak, Registered Dietitian

Cristel, nutriFoodie’s dietitian & founder, is a non-diet and Health at Every Size dietitian. She is passionate about helping people who want to give up chronic dieting & weight cycling to cultivate a positive and peaceful relationship with their bodies and with food through one-on-one nutrition counseling & food coaching, as well as hands-on cooking classes and workshops.


Fighting Fatphobia

I don’t think it comes as a surprise following a month of “New Years Resolutions” sold mainly on starting a new diet, and a more intense exercise regime.

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Stress Management

Manage your Stress & Improve your Self-care Practices

I was reflecting on why I constantly feel like I have to be working all.the.time… why do I find myself in a permanent rush? why do I always have too much going on? why do I facilitate having high stress levels to be my baseline? why does having little sleep be deemed acceptable and something easily compromisable?

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