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My blog is full of nutrition, intuitive eating, & health at every size talk, as well as food tips, tricks and tidbits. You’ll also find a lot of recipes, motivational posts, and a glimpse into my programming and services as a registered dietitian.

Vancouver Nutritionist

Cristel Moubarak, Registered Dietitian

Cristel, nutriFoodie’s dietitian & founder, is a non-diet and Health at Every Size dietitian. She is passionate about helping people who want to give up chronic dieting & weight cycling to cultivate a positive and peaceful relationship with their bodies and with food through one-on-one nutrition counseling & food coaching, as well as hands-on cooking classes and workshops.

Mindful Eating

How to Start Mindful Eating: The 4 Pillars

Mindful Eating can sometimes get a bad rep or be shrugged off – although it’s a practice that’s challenging to do at the beginning, and it gets so much easier with time. It becomes the backbone of eating and enjoying your meal regardless of what the food actually is.

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