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Nutrient-dense and Colorful Foods are at the Heart of nutriFoodie
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Our Roots

nutriFoodie is an organization focused on nutrition education through food-literacy, multi-cultural cooking skills, intuitive eating and body positivity. nutriFoodie offers various adult cooking classes and workshops, one-on-one nutrition coaching, as well as kids summer camps focused on nutrition and cooking.

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Cultivating a positive and peaceful relationship with one’s body & food through nutritious and delicious meals to enjoy and be nourished by.
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Create learning opportunities to be hands-on in the kitchen with the aim of bettering your relationship with food. By doing so, you start to reduce the risk of disordered eating, as well as nutrition-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

The nutriFoodie Team

Cristel Moubarak

Cristel Moubarak

nutriFoodie's Founder & Culinary Dietitian

Cristel is a Registered Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of BC and the founder of nutriFoodie. She completed her dietetics degree at the University of British Columbia in June 2014. Cristel has diverse experiences in clinical nutrition, foodservice management, community nutrition, and business administration. She embraces opportunities that cover nutrition, food, counselling, entrepreneurship, education and people! Cristel is also a mentor to many dietetics students and an active volunteer with Dietitians of Canada with a focus on dietetics advocacy. Cristel brings her experience to counsel clients to have a healthier and more peaceful relationship with their food and body, as well as to have a better, more fulfilling and satisfying meal balance throughout their busy schedules. If you’d like to learn more about Cristel’s story, and her big WHY behind nutriFoodie, read about it here.
Celine Koppenaal

Celine Koppenaal

Admin & Marketing Assistant

Celine is studying to become a Registered Dietitian at UBC’s dietetics program. Her passion for helping others combined with her love for food and passion for health is what interested her in Dietetics. In the future, as a dietitian, Celine wants to not only help people form positive relationships with food and achieve nutritional adequacy, but also prevent diet-related diseases through nutrition education. Using social media and marketing, she wants to bring awareness to the dietetics profession and provide scientific-based nutrition information to the public, advocating for dietitians as the primary source of nutrition information.
Bakhos Mjalleh

Bakhos Mjalleh


​Born in Lebanon and raised by tradition, Bakhos grew up inspired by his grandmother’s authentic cooking which led him to pursue culinary schooling. Bakhos graduated in Hotel Management and Culinary Arts in 1995 and followed his passion through Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, South Korea and now in Canada. Although he has diverse experiences in Levantine and Mediterranean cuisine, his favourite remains Lebanese cooking (and eating). Bakhos excels in developing new menus while preserving the integrity of traditional recipes. His unique approach reached new heights while cooking for and serving kings, sultans and princes in Bahrain for the Gulf Council Committee meeting. He has also run royal wedding banquets and special events for thousands of guests which highlighted his love for large productions. Bakhos is involved with nutriFoodie’s custom program packages, alongside Cristel, in which he leads cooking demonstrations and classes for clients in the comfort of their home.
Bec Ind

Bec Ind

Graphic Designer

Bec is an Aussie-born Vancouver-loving foodie, graphic designer and event coordinator. When she’s not busy designing and planning, she’s out adventure seeking – travelling, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, paragliding, going to metal gigs and seeking the amazing food gems that the world has to offer! Bec has been instrumental in developing nutriFoodie’s branding portfolio, right from the start with nutriFoodie’s logo. See Bec’s Linkedin profile for more:

Cristel Moubarak, RD

nutriFoodie is owned, operated and driven by Vancouver Registered Dietitian, Cristel Moubarak, operating in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

With her love of all things flavourful, and her passion for people, Cristel is fighting for children and families to be food happy, nutritionally fulfilled and body positive.


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