Vancouver Summer Cooking Camp For Kids: From Ground To Table

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Vancouver summer cooking camp for kids - From Ground To Table

nutriFoodie Focuses on Hands-On Learning

nutriFoodie’s Vancouver summer cooking camp for kids provide your child with experiential learning.ย This offers an interactive learning environment where your child can develop and grow their skills and knowledge.

When children are given opportunities to see, touch, smell, cut, cook, wash, clean and share ingredients, and ultimately meals, it provides them with a hands-on approach to learn. Moreover, the child breaks bread (literally) with a group of children along with camp leaders and that experience will forever be imprinted in their memories. In our summer camps, we teach basic and essential cooking skills, as well as typical food and knife safety but we prosper on the principles of respect. At nutriFoodie, we respect one another and our leaders, our food, food growers and providers, our environment, and our facilities. This allows the campers to appreciate and thoroughly enjoy the camp experience.

A Day in the Life of a From Ground to Table Camper

nutriFoodieโ€™s camp, From Ground to Table, features the journey of our food; starting from a seed, then to its growth and harvest, next to the collection and purchasing of the food item, and finally to the cooking and sharing of it all.

  • For the first half of the day at camp, we will have a cooking demo and session.
  • For lunch, we will enjoy and share the food we cooked together. During this time, we will teach lessons on sustainability and food waste in addition to basic cooking skills and food safety.
  • In the afternoon, we will do an activity such as visiting the UBC Farm and meeting farmers at the Kits House farmers market. We will also go on a fun and educational scavenger hunt at Whole foods. Here, the kids will get to learn how to make good food choices and become more familiar with grocery shopping.
  • At the end of the camp, the kids will make food journey posters based on what they learned throughout the week. They will also get to make and bring home their own seedling to put in their garden, patio, or windowsill.

The pictures below share a glimpse of our values, culture and lessons learned through nutriFoodie camps.

This nutriFoodie camp, based in Vancouver, will be running for ONLY ONE week. This means that spaces are quite limited so book your spot now!

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