Summer Cooking Camp for Kids In Vancouver: Nature’s Kitchen

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Kids Cooking - Nature's Kitchen: cooking camp for kids in Vancouver

Nature’s Kitchen (Children 9-12 years old)
A cooking camp for kids in Vancouver, BC

Getting kids into the kitchen and connecting with the outdoors

Nature’s Kitchen’s curriculum focuses on both healthy eating and healthy moving. In a day and age where children are more influenced by technology than nature, it’s worthwhile to invest in every opportunity that gets them moving and involved with the environment. To boot, kids learn about healthy eating by making easy to-go recipes. The goal of this camp is to be active and interact with the outdoors as well as to prepare foods that will nourish the campers along the way.

The benefits of this camp extend far beyond the handful of days we spend together. Throughout the camp, the kids learn the skills to prepare their own meals and snacks.  Moreover, they can apply and practice their skills by making their own lunch and snacks during the school year.

A day in Nature’s Kitchen:

  • Each day starts with energizing games and crafts while forming relationships and bonding with one another
  • Campers spend time with their team leaders and teammates to establish team spirit
  • Campers participate in an organized activity, such as a yoga lesson or planting seedlings, that connects to the camp’s goal of moving outdoors and healthy eating
  • After, the campers engage in a cooking demo of key cooking and food safety skills led by a camp instructor
  • Campers develop and build upon cooking skills by following recipes and being encouraged to taste and adjust the flavours to their preference — I call this intuitive cooking!
  • Using glass jars that they personalize, campers pack their own lunch
  • Campers eat their packed lunch in the outdoors together with the group
  • The campers finish each day by journaling their experiences to reflect on the day’s lessons, recipes and activities
Kids doing yoga - Nature's Kitchen: cooking camp for kids in Vancouver

Guest Speakers Create Interactive Learning Environments

Kids Outdoors with Park Interpreter - Nature's Kitchen: cooking camp for kids in Vancouver
Nature’s Kitchen focuses on creating a connection between the mind, body, food, and environment surrounding us. In this camp, guest speakers conduct activities relevant to their education and expertise. In August 2016, Alana Morgan Eberts, a seasoned yoga instructor and practical nurse in training, led our young campers on a mindfulness and yoga session in nature. Alana discussed how various mindful activities and yoga poses pave the way for a healthy mind and body. We even incorporated the mindfulness concept when eating our meals.
To wrap up our Nature’s Kitchen camp with a bang, we had a park interpreter, Adria from Metro Vancouver Regional Parks, that took us through Pacific Spirit Park. This activity was a unique and new experience for the majority of our campers. They enjoyed participating in this educational tour of the outdoors and learning about our ecosystem through activities and games. Even the leaders and I learned a lot!

Food is Fresh, Nutritious and Fun to Prepare

​In Nature’s Kitchen, the campers learn food safety and knife skills as well as proper clean up following cooking. Each camper receives a dietitian-approved recipe booklet of all the dishes that they created so that they can make them at home with their families. The recipes chosen are focused on foods that are easy to prepare and are suitable for school lunches, after-school activities, and hikes. We featured foods like Roasted Chicken Pita Pockets with homemade hummus, Layered Rainbow Asian Salad, and Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas (a crowd favourite).
Personalized Mason Jar - Nature's Kitchen: cooking camp for kids in Vancouver

What do our campers think about our camps?

This fella is one of our highlights this week; his enthusiasm was contagious and he was very supportive of his team – always an admirable quality. ​Thank you so much for being a nutriFoodie superfan!! ​We hope to see you in the fall 🙂

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