Embrace Your Body, Love Your Food
If you’re tired of being bombarded with confusing messages, and made to feel like you always have to follow a specific number or size to be happy… then you’ve found your place to create a healthier, peaceful, and joyful relationship with your food and body. Here you get non-diet approach to nutrition education and coaching through food-literacy, cooking skills, intuitive eating, and body respect from a registered dietitian. 
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Embrace Your Body

Our bodies are made to be loved! The more we love our body, the more we want to take care of it. We have one body to embrace, and we live to celebrate it.

Love Your Food

Using a variety of colourful ingredients, means you are getting the nutrients your body needs. Make it a whole lot more delicious with nutriFoodie’s unique spice mixes.

Home First

A positive relationship with our food and body starts in the home. nutriFoodie is committed to being an extension to your personal growth while respecting your lifestyle, values, needs, and limitations.

A message from Cristel

“When I think of nutriFoodie, I think of a community where nutrition is what we enjoy – where food is what we savour and appreciate – where cooking and eating together is the norm – where our bodies are our temple.”

Cristel Moubarak,
nutriFoodie Registered Dietitian & Founder

Cristel Moubarak, RD

nutriFoodie is owned, operated and driven by Vancouver Registered Dietitian, Cristel Moubarak, operating in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

With her love of all things flavourful, and her passion for people, Cristel is fighting for children and families to be food happy, nutritionally fulfilled and body positive.


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