If you are ready to

Bid farewell to all your guilt & fear around food shame about your body emotional & binge eating 

Bid farewell to all your guilt & fear around food

Start your journey to food freedom & body peace that you deserve!

Meet Cristel

Cristel, nutriFoodie’s dietitian & founder, had grown up with the yo-yo dieting and weight-cycling that worsened her mental & physical health over the years. Once she healed from her own eating disorder, she carried her lived experience through her counseling & coaching to help other women create a more positive and healthier relationship with their food & body, while meeting their nutritional needs. 

Cristel is a weight-inclusive & trauma-informed dietitian and here to help YOU find that happy and healthy balance through virtual group & one-on-one nutrition counseling & food coaching.

This program IS for women who

Are ready to stop the guilt, shame & obsession over their food, eating habits & body image.

Want to stop counting numbers and having negative thoughts around food & body size or shape.

Are ready to unlearn harmful beliefs & learn becoming intuitive in their body.

Want to give up yo-yo dieting and weight cycling to find sustainable health that is more holistic.

This program ISN'T for women who

Are looking for a specific preset meal plan or weight loss program.

Are not willing to reflect on their past experiences and explore the impact.

Are not ready to be open-minded and change their mindset about health.

Are not open to making positive, lasting changes, and want to stay in the same place.

Say Goodbye To Food Guilt, Body Shame, Emotional and Binge Eating​

“What I have learned is this: there is no easy quick fix to losing weight and reshaping your body. I am not there yet, but I am on my way. By nurturing those positive little seeds of knowledge inside I have already realized some relief of the guilt and shame, and it’s intoxicating.”

Angie B. – Group Coaching Participant

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Find YOUR Happy, Healthy & Peaceful self in your CURRENT Body!

Working with Cristel will help you:

You can do this and you're NOT alone

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